16 января 2014 г.

Opinion on Advertising

1. Is advertising really important in our society? Why or why not?
Advertising is important in our modern life because there are many goods and ads helps US to make choices. I believe that advertising is necessary for people.

2. Is it easy to get away from advertising?
I think not. Advertising pursues us everywhere: in newspapers, magazines, on TV, on the street, in transport, in internet, in our letter-box. That part of our lives.

3. Do you agree that advertising affects people? Why or why not?
I agree with opinion that advertising affects people. Primarily it affects people's choice. Unlikely people to buy something that does not advertise.

4. If you were a company owner would you spend money on advertising? Why or why not?
I would spend money on it. The more advertising you get the more profit for the goods. People most likely to buy a
product advertised.

5. Which adverts do you like most? Why?
I love perfume and cosmetics advertising because it always looks very beautiful and interesting. Usually in such 
advertising removed models or famous actors.

6. Which ads annoy you most? Why
I can not stand advertisements about medicine. I think it's not very aesthetically. And I don't like advertising collectible 
magazines. I just don't like it.

7. Do you usually shop around or do you buy the first product you find?
I can spend hours shopping but nothing to buy. I spend the whole day to purchase one thing. 

8. Do you read product reviews before buying anything?
I sometimes serf the Net and read reviews. But usually I read product reviews after buying anything.

9. Do you check out prices and compare products on the Net?
I never do it. I think that it isn't necessary for me but it would be worth doing. Maybe next time I'll do it.